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Well Plug and Abandonment

Leveraging our decades of experience, LOES offers a wide range of expertise in handling well abandonment projects. We provide the knowhow and complete resources and equipment for any P&A project, small or large. The LOES team has successfully completed hundreds of onhore and offshore P&A projects in Louisiana.


The LOES team has completed hundreds of demolition projects over the last 30 years. Whether inside, outside, detailed or complete, the LOES team will safely handle the project and leave you with a clean facility.

Waste Reclamation

LOES can has historically excelled at providing a variety of cost effective waste reclamation services.

NORM Survey, Sampling and Disposal

The LOES team has successfully completed hundreds of NORM (natural occurring radioactive materials) decontamination projects for sites, structures and equipment over the last 30 years. LOES’ experienced staff has developed cost effective methods to safely survey, sample, remove and dispose of any present NORM materials.

Abatement and Remediation

The LOES team has significant experience in abatement and remediation projects. Our seasoned staff can handle asbestos, lead based paint, E waste, medical, and mold abatement projects. LOES can additionally handle hazardous waste removal soil remediation and other clean up projects.

Storage Tanks

Sampling, Removal, Disposal, Upgrade and Replacement – for 30 years, the LOES team has provided industrial services including tank cleaning, sampling, remediation and replacement or repair of storage tanks.

Other Services include:

  • Drum and Sump - Sampling, Transportation and Disposal
  • D.E.Q. Compliance (Sampling and Disposal)
  • Spill Prevention and Contingency Plans
  • Barge and Tank (Sampling & Disposal)
  • 24/7 Hazardous Material Response
  • 24/7 Oil Spill Emergency Response
  • Project Management Plans
  • Quality Assurance Project Plan
  • Safety Plans
  • Storm Water Prevention Plans